Product Strategist

Developing product strategies to find product-market fit in today's hyperconnected world

Product Strategist

Knowing which features to leave out is just as important as knowing which ones to build. Product strategy is all about timing releases in concert with changes in industry trends.

Computer Engineer

Leveraging deep technical understanding from physical layer cellular protocols to web apps

Computer Engineer

No tech product operates in isolation — they need to interact with an increasingly connected world. I rely on my experience as a cellular engineer, web and mobile app developer, and mathematics background to use the right solution for technical challenges. No one skill is applicable to all situations.

Startup Enthusiast

Fostering the American dream by supporting startups and practicing lean methodology.

Startup Enthusiast

Big companies have their strengths, but startups need to move fast because there is no cushion to fall back on if Plan A doesn’t work. I’m a strong supporter of lean methodologies to operate quickly and validate hypotheses before switching to laser-focus mode.

Thoughts on Success

I’ve found that sometimes when you’re traveling down the road to success, you end up moving a lot slower than you’d like. And it can be hard to tell if you’re moving in the right […]

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How do you know if your product is good? Make someone a rockstar.

I was fortunate to have learned this strategy lesson early in my career. Read on for the story on how I learned to tell if a product is good.

Koofers is an academic service that helps college […]

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On Innovation

You might tempted to look at people out there like Bill Gates and say, “I can’t do that.” And you’re right, you can’t. At least not now, but the secret no one’s telling you is […]

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A Good Interface – It’s All About Expectations

As our phones become more powerful, we find ourselves using them more and more. It should come as no surprise then, that user interface design is becoming increasingly important. After all, the user interface is […]

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Building vs. Pitching

When you’re building something, it’s helpful to use first principles. Start with the constraining facts and work towards what you need. If you’re building a house, first you’re going to design a blueprint. The blueprint […]

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Back in 2013, I led the Syncrod project through Qualcomm’s ImpaQt program. It’s easy to forget your principles when it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and your code doesn’t work yet with a big demo scheduled for the next […]

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