I’ve found that sometimes when you’re traveling down the road to success, you end up moving a lot slower than you’d like. And it can be hard to tell if you’re moving in the right direction or even moving at all. In those cases, I’ve found a helpful question to ask myself when I find myself questioning these things. If I have more freedom now than I did a couple months ago, I think I’m on the right track. I think it’s better to measure wealth in opportunities, not dollars. It’s harder for people to get into petty arguments with you when you look at the world through that lens.

So instead of looking at a billionaire and coveting the resources they have that you don’t, look at things a different way. What can you do now that you couldn’t do a couple months ago? Do you have new relationships, new insight, or a fresh perspective now that wasn’t around the last time you checked in? If you can truthfully say yes, then you’re on the right track.