Project Description

Pocket Talk is an open source (BSD 2-Clause) Android application that reads text messages aloud and vibrates them in Morse Code. Why, you ask?

You’re driving down the highway when a text message comes in. Your phone’s in your pocket, so what do you do? Risk your life as well as the lives of the others around you as you fish around in your pocket, or read the message with your thigh as your phone vibrates the contents of the message in International Morse Code?

The answer is plain and simple, my friend. But if that sounds too daunting, the option is there for text messages to be read aloud. It’s considerably less cool, however.

Be forewarned, however, that you are responsible for how you use this application.

This application is licensed under the BSD license. You can access the source code at Github. Download the app for free from Google Play.