My Experience

  • Qualcomm
    Modem Software Engineer
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Computer Engineering Major, Mathematics Minor
  • Undergraduate Research with Dr. C. Jules White
    Algorithm Developer
  • Independent Study with Dr. Tom Martin
    Product Developer
  • Fashion Show
    Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Undergraduate Honor System
    Associate Justice, Web Application Developer


The Spotlight

rroll: A Physical Rickroll Device

rroll is an open source (BSD 2-Clause) Arduino project that uses an ultrasonic sensor to unleash cheesy music on unsuspecting passersby. Whenever someone enters within 6 feet of the sensor, the device is activated and starts playing Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. When the person leaves the area, the music pauses, only to resume where it left off when the person re-enters the area. Plus, someone at The Next Web thought the device was front page material, which leaves me feeling more confused than deserving. Learn More >>

Notable Projects

24, an automatic solver to a popular math puzzle

Audiovisual Display, A circuit designed for an HKN competition. The entry placed third and was presented to the department head.

Cannon, an Android-controlled pneumatic cannon powered By Arduino

Ecémon, a Pokémon-inspired Verilog project featuring ECE faculty at Virginia Tech

Graph Theory, a demonstration of Dijkstra's breadth-first search algorithm

Grid, a simplified drawing program

Interview Questions, a collection of my favorite interview questions I've encountered since 2007

Location, an example of geolocation in Javascript

Maintenance, a placeholder page made for

Math, a collection of scripts related to discrete math

Password Generator, a secure password generator written in Javascript

Pocket Talk, an open source (BSD 2-Clause) Android application that reads text messages aloud and vibrates them in Morse Code

POV, a message generator for the MiniPOV3 kit

Quarternote, a video describing Quarternote, an Android music player designed to work in a car

rroll, a physical Rickroll device (contrast with a software implementation)

Slide to Unlock, a vector Photoshop file of the iconic slide to unlock graphic

Speed Test, a typing speed test

Statistics, a demonstration of hypothesis testing set to the tune of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

Stop Motion, a Python script for creating stop-motion videos from sets of still images

WebBlaze, a web interface to program a Xilinx S3E board [offline]

XStitch, a program that converts any image into cross-stitch patterns

Zip Code, a RESTful interface to JSON zip code data given latitude and longitude. Database adapted from Boutell.

Real Life

Zach is one of the most talented and intelligent colleagues I have ever met.

- Matthew Hughes, Associate Chief Justice at the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Honor System

profile for Zach Rattner at Stack Overflow